Le Do Not Track ou « ne pas me pister » consiste à inclure, dans l'en-tête http ... Ouvrez le menu d'Internet Explorer (icône coin supérieur droit en forme de roue ...

DoNotTrackMe ou DNTMe est une extension pour les navigateurs Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome et Safari permettant de bloquer les tentatives de pistage à des fins statistiques ou publicitaires. Use Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 11 - Windows … Use Do Not Track to help protect your privacy . When Do Not Track is turned on, Internet Explorer will send a Do Not Track request to both the sites you visit, and to the third parties whose content is hosted on those sites. The Do Not Track request lets these sites and content providers know that you prefer not to have your browsing activity

Do Not Track Plus add-on stops the tracking paparazzi There's a war on the Web for your personal data, and Abine's newly updated Do Not Track Plus browser add-on hands you the Internet equivalent ...

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How to activate Do Not Track (DNT) in Internet Explorer Do Not Track or DNT is a web browser setting that requests websites or web applications disable their tracking of the user. When DNT is enabled in your Confirmation to turn on Do Not Track in Internet Explorer. The next time you use Internet Explorer, it sends the DNT signal. What is your reason for... How to Enable "Do Not Track" in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer... How to Enable "Do Not Track" in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Online tracking companies have started to monitor our clicks on websites... How to Disable Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

microsoft has released a new patch for internet explorer that allows the program to automatically track errors. at the point that the error occurs, the program displays a dialog box that then allows … KVIK: Explorer ohlídá uživatele před sledováním, Firefox má… Google koupil Meebo, co se stane s Meebo Messenger není jasné. Jistě si ale smlsne na Meebo bar, která nabízí další reklamní plochy. Microsoft nechá funkci Do Not Track v Internet Exploreru zapnutou z výroby, inzerenty to štve. Crazy Egg | Opt Out

Do Not Track. Do Not Track, or DNT, is a proposal that lets users opt out of tracking done by web applications, analytics tools, advertising networks and social platforms. Learn what DNT is, how it works and how you can enable it for the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. DoNotTrackMe and IE11 - Help2Go IE11 Do Not Track is different to Abine's DoNotTrackMe, which is available as an add-on for FF and also for IE11 as per Canuck's link above (and maybe as an addon for other browsers too?) Great little program - it shows you from a small icon how many tracking attempts are being blocked and your running total as well. I don't believe that this ... Internet Explorer: Do not Track - YouTube In diesem Video wird die Möglichkeit zur Einstellung des sog. Do-not-Track-Feature im Internet Explorer 10 gezeigt.